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Project Management

At GESS, we believe in a close working relationship with all of our clients, keeping in constant communication with them throughout any project.

We project manage each job from initial survey to completed installation/removal, providing each client with all of the required health and safety paperwork, size and finishing information required, operative certification, attending project meetings on-site and constant support and documentation when required

We are fully aware, as life in the industry constantly is, of changing boundaries and requirements. Meaning we constantly have to adapt to our clients' needs and demands, which we achieve by having a flexible, supportive approach. Always being able to listen to our clients concerns and issues and provide a clear and thorough response and solution.

For each project we manage, we provide a dedicated project manager to support you throughout the duration of the project, providing all the assistance and guidance required.

For labour projects, we provide a dedicated project manager and site supervisor to work alongside you or your client managing all your needs both on and off of site

As each project evolves, we are fully aware the level of support required will vary dramatically during the duration of the project, and we are able to provide a fluid level of support, as and when required


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  •  Wrapping a huge scaffold tower
  •  Precision planning
  •  Remained insitue for 12 months
  •  No noise or local disruption